Boost Your Bookings: Instagram Marketing Expertise and Strategy for Hosts...

... from a Host


Turn Insta-Lookers into Real Bookers

We'll turn your Instagram Profile into a Booking Machine that funnels your Ideal Guests to your website and puts your Book Now Button in front of them


More Time, Less Stress

Let us help you identify your Ideal Guest and build an effective Content Strategy, so you always know what, when, and how to post.


Compelling Content

Discover how to create engaging content that guides your Ideal Guest from scroll-stopping graphics, to highlighting your unique value proposition, to your clear and irresistible call-to-action: Book Now!


Designed for You

  • 10 hr  Coaching Bundle
    Long-Term Success
    10 hr Coaching Bundle
    For Hosts ready to embrace the full potential and power of Instagram to consistently drive their Ideal Guests to their Booking Pages. This heavily discounted bundle (25% discount) goes deeper than ever before to build the strongest of foundations for your Content Strategy, deploy the newest of Tools & Tactics and ultimately crush it on Instagram in the Long-Term
    Commit to Your Success
  • 5 hr 1:1 Coaching Bundle
    Go Deep
    5 hr 1:1 Coaching Bundle
    For Hosts committed to leveraging Instagram to funnel Ideal Guests onto their Booking Pages (10% Discount). Totally bespoke to you & your business's needs: Identifying your Ideal Guest; Optimising your Profile for discoverability & SEO; defining Content Pillars that consistently target perfect guests; Engagement Strategies; Insta-Tools to turn Lookers into Bookers.
    Go Deep
  • 1:1 Coaching Session
    Personal POWER HOUR
    1:1 Coaching Session
    These 1 Hour Sessions cut through all the noise out there and will give you absolute clarity and the vision to take your Accommodation Business's Instagram Marketing to the next level. Together we'll set you on the strongest path to gain Followers, enhance Engagement and most importantly... converting those Insta-Lookers into Real Bookers. Let's go!
    Accelerate Now
  • FREE 20 min CALL
    How can I help?
    FREE 20 min CALL
    Not sure where to start? Streamline your efforts and start crushing it on your Accommodation Business's Instagram. This FREE 20 minute, no obligation call with Paul costs nothing more than your time. It's your opportunity to talk through your obstacles, challenges & hurdles. I love talking shop & will provide Clarity, tips, tricks and soooo much more .
    Gain Clarity


Paul Anderson

Paul is a marketing genius with expertise in Consumer Psychology, Content Marketing, and the Accommodation Industry. As the owner of a guest house in the UK and a bestselling author, he's uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights and cut through the noise of generic marketing advice. In his videos and reels, Paul freely shares practical strategies for boosting bookings and revenue through Instagram. He's a gifted communicator with a talent for breaking down complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Paul's teachings cover the technical aspects of content design, creation & publishing as well as topics such as customer preferences, market segmentation, data-driven marketing, and competitive advantage, all leading to fully booked rentals. He's frequently sought after as an expert in his field and delights in sharing his experience and expertise. Be sure to check out his wealth of free resources!


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